The New Sudan

A Nadus Films Production

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Narrated by William Mapother

The New Sudan

The film The New Sudan educates its viewers on the history of the civil war that was fought between the heavily Islamic north and largely Christian south. More importantly, the viewers of the documentary are shown the very real prospect of sustainable peace in southern Sudan. Most documentaries leave the viewer at the level of awareness with no action. The New Sudan will give many outlets for those desiring to serve and/or give toward sustainable change in southern Sudan. The money donated to Nadus Films will directly go toward the rebuilding of southern Sudan.

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  • A Nadus Films Production 2009
  • Narration: William Mapother
  • Executive Producer/Director: Coury Deeb
  • Director of Photography/Editor: William H. Wallace II
  • With original music produced by: Interstates, Daniel Dixon, Nathan Stites, & Jamie Barnes